Research Centre for Sustainable Development

In this center, the research activities are focused on the integration of bio-physical and socio-economical approach in applied research, in training young professionals to work in multidisciplinary teams and in a variety of circumstances, as well as on dissemination of results in specialized publications and media.

Research Keywords

Sustainable regional and local development, climate change, renewable energies, transport safety

Research Activities in the following topics:

  • Climate change and "green" energy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Sustainable economic development - economic growth and resource management
  • Natural resource conservation and management
  • Regional Development, sustainable and resilient regions
  • Urbanism and sustainable urban development

Services provided

Modeling of transport flows and safety, evaluation of renewable energy potential, development of regional and local development strategies

Head of Centre : Professor PhD. Jozsef Benedek 

More information:

Research Representative Publications (selected)

BENEDEK, J., KOCZISZKY, Gy. (2015) Paths of convergence and polarization in the Visegrád countries. In: Lang, T., Henn, S., Sgibnev, W., Ehrlich, K., (eds.): Understanding Geographies of Polarization and Peripheralization. Perspectives from Eastern Europe and Beyond. Palgrave/MacMillan, Basingstoke. 352 p., 217-234.

IVAN K., HAIDU I., BENEDEK J., CIOBANU S. M. (2015) Identification of traffic accident risk-prone areas under low lighting conditions. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 15:9, 2059-2068.

BENEDEK J. (2015) Spatial differentiation and spatial economic structure in Romania. Eastern Journal of European Studies, 6:1, 49-61.

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Croitoru Adina-Eliza, Drignei Dorin, Dragotă Carmen Sofia, Imecs Zoltan, Burada Doina Cristina (2014), Sharper Detection of Winter Temperature Changes in the Romanian Higher-Elevations, Global and Planetary Change. Volume 122, November, 122–129. DOI: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2014.08.011.

FARA, L., BARTOK, B., GALBEAZA, A., OPREA, C., STERIAN, P., DIACONU, A., FARA, S. (2013), New results in forecasting of photovoltaic systems output based on solar radiation forecasting, JOURNAL OF RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY 5, 041821, (13 pages)

MATHE, C, TAMAI E, SCHUBERT, G. (2013), The railway network of Romania’s Centre Development Region: current situation and evaluation of development plans based on graph theory model, in PROMET – Traffic&Transportation, 25:1, 81-92