EU MODEX TTX 1 - Cluj-Napoca

EU MODEX TTX Exercise – 18-20 June 2016

In the period of 18-20 June a Table-top exercise (TTX)took place at ISUMADECIP, involvingmore than 50 international experts of Civil Protection Modules, Technical Assistance and Support Teams (TAST) as well as experts from different participating states foreseen as members of a European Union Civil Protection team (EUCPT).

The participants of this Modules table-top exercise have been nominated via their national focal points.

The main objectives of the Modules table-top Exercise were:

  • To verify and improve procedures, to establish a common understanding of the cooperation in civil protection assistance interventions with Modules/TAST/EUCPT and to accelerate the response in major emergencies,
  • To provide a learning opportunity for all actors involved in civil protection assistance interventions with Modules/TAST/EUCPT under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism,
  • To enhance cooperation between the participating states’ Modules/TAST/EUCPT,
  • To test the coordination of Union Civil Protection assistance in accordance with rules and regulations, thereby
    • Special attention have been given to the international environment of the Mechanism intervention, e.g. the interactions of Modules, EUCPT, humanitarian and other relevant international actors, use of the EU Host Nation Support (HNS) Guidelines.
    • ECHO’s role during deployments (different mandates between Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid, support from ERCC, role of ECHO Regional Support Office/Technical Assistants).

Further objectives were:

  • To improve Modules/TAST Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),
  • To enhance the exchange of information of different equipment and command structures in Modules/TAST from different participating states,
  • To improve the understanding of interoperability, self-sufficiency and communication issues,
  • To train the possibilities to cooperate between different Modules/TAST/EUCPT,
  • To look into possible compatibility of equipment by comparing equipment lists,
  • To enhance the common understanding of safety and security.