12th ELSEDIMA Conference 2018

We would like to invite you to our 12th International Conference on Environmental Legislation, Safety Engineering and Disaster Management, on 17-19 May 2018, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.



Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Societies


Nowadays societies face an increasing number of disasters and a wider variety of risks which pose serious threats to life and infrastructure. Environmental damage, climate change and lack of sustainable development measures add to these threats, making societies more vulnerable. Regardless of the resources involved in response and recovery, the bouncing-back, or, ideally, the bouncing-back better condition is very difficult to attain by the affected societies. As provided also in the post-2015 development agenda, the integration of sustainable development goals (SDGs) into disaster risk reduction measures at all levels and in all stages of action is of utmost importance to attain the sustainability of our communities.

Conference topics:

1. Disaster Management/Disaster Risk Reduction

2. Achieving Sustainability in Risk-Prone Areas

3. Climate Change Adaptation

4. Environmental Pollution Prevention, Control and Research

5. Atmospheric Remote Sensing

6. Efficient Emergency Response

7. The role of Civil Society in Disaster Risk Reduction

8. Education, Training, and Capacity Building for Sustainable Societies

9. Radon legislation and radon programs

10. Radon in civil engineering: indoor radon - control, mitigation, prevention

11. Industrial Process Safety

10. Big Data Analysis for Environmental Research

11. Crisis Communication 

You can find more information on the CONFERENCE WEBSITE.