RCDM - Research Center for Disaster Management


RCDM initiates and promotes studies, actions and procedures to reduce the threat posed by the occurrence of certain categories of risks and types of anthropic disasters; it initiates, as well, protection and intervention actions for diminishing, identifying and removing the situations of risks or man-made disasters.


The main research activities are focused on the causes, effects and consequences of natural and man-made disasters on population, environment and economy.

  • Activities for implementation, development and exploitation of services and facilities;
  • Elaboration and permanent renewal of the data base regarding the economic and industrial facilities inducing significant risks and hazards;
  • Elaboration and permanent renewal of the data base regarding the industrial accidents in the region;
  • Training of human resources involved in facilities and services;
  • Scientific and industrial training concerning the elaboration of environmental studies and technological risk assessment and management reports;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Risk assessment and recovery strategy for polluted sites;
  • Risk analysis and technological hazards management;
  • Development of new models and methods for, risk assessment and risk management and anthropic disasters management;
  • Lectures, manuals;
  • Project proposals and implementation of research projects;
  • Development of specific software

Consultancy and services developed for industry beneficiaries

The Research centre for Disaster Management provides a wide range of consultancy services to industry beneficiaries, consisting in the elaboration of various technical documents:

Environmental impact studies

Safety reports for the prevention of major industrial accidents, in the context of the SEVESO II Directive (HG 95/2003)

Site Reports for the establishment of environmental quality, in the context of the IPPC Directive (OUG 34/2002)



Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering 1st Floor, Side E (offices E1.1., E1.2., E 1.3.)

30 Fantanele Street, 400294

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Phone: (+4) 0264-583378

Fax: (+4) 0264-583378

E-mail: ccmd.enviro@ubbcluj.ro