MSc in “Risk Assessment and Environmental Safety”

Master programme:

Risk Assessment and Environmental Safety

The master programme of Risk Assessment and Environmental Securityis a 2 year full-time programme, taught in Romanian, in the field of Environmental Science.

Graduates of the program will acquire knowledge on several types of threats and risks in the environment, during normal activities and emergency situations.

The program offers the possibility for students to learn and to apply risk analysis as a tool for: identification of risks and possible intervention actions; implementation of risk reduction methods through prevention actions or mitigation of negative consequences on the population and the environment; elaboration and use of management systems within the field of safety, health and environment.

Practical work experience in the form of field visits and industrial visits are a key component of this curriculum.

Course contents:

The 4-semesters master degree program offers a diverse set of courses, related to different aspects of risk assessment and environmental safety.


  • Technological Disaster Management 6 ECTS
  • Risk Management and Assessment of Chemical Hazardous Substances (in English)  6 ECTS
  • Management of Natural Risks and Disasters 6 ECTS
  • Risk Assessment: Water and Soil 4 ECTS
  • Ethics and methodology of scientific research 2 ECTS
  • GIS and disaster management 6ECTS


  • Emergency Situations Management   6 ECTS
  • Eco-responsible entrepreneurship 4 ECTS
  • Human Health Risk Factors 6 ECTS
  • Environmental Pollution Prevention in Industry 5 ECTS
  • Toxic and Dangerous Waste Treatment  6 ECTS
  • Fieldwork (2 weeks 80 hours) 3 ECTS


  • Contaminated Sites Management  5 ECTS
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Methods And Techniques 6 ECTS
  • Environmental Risk Communication 3 ECTS
  • Principles of Industrial Hygiene and Safety   5 ECTS
  • Optional Course no. 1 5 ECTS
  • Fire Risk Management, Emergency Situations Logistics 6 ECTS


  • Emergency Medicine  6 ECTS
  • Risk Assessment in Fires and Explosions (in English) 4 ECTS
  • Optional Course no. 2 6 ECTS
  • Legal Instruments for Environmental Protection at International Level 6 ECTS
  • Elaboration of Dissertation Paper (2 weeks 80 hours) 8 ECTS

Optional Course no. 1:

  • Response and Intervention to Specific Emergency Situations
  • Environmental Impact of Mineral Resources Valorisation

Optional course 2:

  • Atmospheric Risks and Remote Sensing
  • Obtaining and Reading Environmental Data

Career prospects:

Students will have a wide field of employment options in the private, public and semi-public sector or she/he may choose an academic career by continuing with PhD-studies in a relevant field.

Contact person:

Prof. PhD. Eng. Alexandru Ozunu


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