Project title:


General description:

The purpose of the project was to elaborate new educational resources, to develop and implement a new methodology for the teaching and learning of Earth Sciences, using seismology as a means of acquiring knowledge and achieving seismic risk preparedness.

The project presented several specific educational, scientific and social objectives: preparing comprehensive educational materials, training students and teachers in the analysis and interpretation of seismological data, designing and testing didactic activities using informatics and web-oriented tools, practical preparedness of students and master students in seismic risk management. The scientific objective is to introduce in schools the use of advanced instruments and experimental methods that are usually restricted to research laboratories, with the main result being the creation of an earthquake waveform archive.

Duration of the project:

  • 2012-2015.


  • National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP) 
  • National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development (URBAN-INCERC)
  • “BabeÅŸ-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Cluj-Napoca
  • Beta Software Management S.A., Bucharest


  • The main product of the project was an earthquake waveform archive with the data obtained by the devices installed in school a large amount of such data will be used by the students and teachers for educational purposes. Among the results of the project: 
  • Developing a seismograph network that can be integrated in the National Seismic Network;
  • Using the obtained data to develop the integrated risk management methodologies;
  • Introducing the use of advanced instruments and experimental methods into schools.

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