Project title:

Environmental legislation, safety engineering and disaster management – environmental safety management

General description:

Within this project, activities will be carried out to promote the Romanian research in the field of environmental management, as follows:

  • organizing an international conference in the field of environmental security management in order to evaluate the current situation;
  • organizing a seminar on the need to implement the APELL program in Romania;
  • organization of a summer school in environmental security management;
  • organizing working visits of high-profile scientists from Europe;
  • exchange of results and experience in the field, by organizing the summer school;
  • organizing a session of preparation of project proposals for European programs. The project focuses on interest area and at the same time represents an area in which there is a tradition in research.

In this regard, renowed scientists from abroad will be invited, which will contribute to the increase of international visibility and to the promotion of the local potential.

The international conference is the first step in increasing the capacity and the degree of integration of institutions in joint research programs and projects with similar institutions at European and international level. In this context, satellite programs are also part of the conference, organizing round tables on priority areas in European research. The increase of the international visibility is based, first of all, on recognizing the Romanian results at international level. The proposed framework will allow the realization and development of collaborations between researchers from different countries, different centers, which will allow the implementation of environmental management systems and will materialize through joint publications in internationally recognized journals. It is of particular importance to increase the degree of integration of the Romanian institutions in representative activities and programs for the European area of research, including for the future of FP7.

The theme of the ELSEDIMA project ensures the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to tackle the problems of environmental protection and economic progress in the context of sustainable development. The ELSEDIMA project aims, by integrating and exploiting the research potential, to rise to international standards in order to improve the security and protection of the environment. Thus, topics of interest will be:

  • Environmental protection (impact assessment, environmental audit, environmental legislation, estimation and risk management)
  • Integrated environmental management and implementation of environmental management systems and integrated management systems having taking into account the protection of the environment, the quality of the products and the security of the operation of the installations and the human health.

Project duration:

  • 2006-2007


  • CEEX project, 33/2005,CNCSIS 150/2006, Ministry of Education and Research


  • Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca
  • CRAIM Association Cluj-Napoca
  • Technological transfer center, ICIA-CENTI Cluj-Napoca


Environmental quality and safety management is an area of interest in research, focusing in particular on the following:

  • Organization of a seminar with the theme "Necessity and importance of the introduction of the APELL program in Romania"
  • Organization of a summer school with the theme "Preparing the future experts in environmental safety management "
  • Organizing the international conference with the theme" Environmental legislation, safety engineering and disaster management - environmental safety management ".