Why take part in our summer school?

See what the participants say about the summer school!


Diana Chirtos, student, FSIM-UBB

EN: “The summer school was a new experience for me from all points of view because it was the first summer school I ever took part in, and the first time I set up and slept in a tent. I had the pleasure to listen and learn from experts in the field of disaster management and to know some things about the European civil protection mechanism. The field exercise was what I enjoyed the most during the summer school because I could put into practice what I have learned in the courses and I had the opportunity to see how things are carried out and how EUCPT works in case of a disaster. I find it very useful to have a knowledge base related to what you should do in case of a disaster or to how the civil protection mechanism works. I highly recommend everyone to participate in this summer school because you will gain new friends and new knowledge.”


Dr. Stanislav Sidnei, Senior Researcher of the Cherkassy Institute of Fire Safety, Ukraine

I express my great gratitude. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study. It was very interesting; I acquired a lot of skills and knowledge that will be useful to me in the future at my work. I got the experience of modern methods of teaching. I also want to thank all the teaching staff, as well as the organizers, for their attentiveness, understanding and help. I was very pleased with this training. I recommend it to everyone.

Laszla Bodnar, 25 years old, PhD student at the National University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary

This one-week long summer school was very useful. I learned a lot from it. The summer school was well-organised, including theoretical and practical exercises. Various lecturers and experts have been lecturing their experiences, which was very interesting. The practical outside activities were very interesting as well, simulating a real disaster area. I got experiences about the complexity of a disaster area, and about the importance of the cooperation and the team work. This was what I liked the most. I would recommend this International Summer School to other people, because it was very instructive for my PhD studies and I found new friends as well.


Razvan, 24 years old, UBB student Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Romania

I can say 100 % that I had an extraordinary experience last year.What I liked the most was the actual field simulation, I was very nervous and couldn’t wait for the exercise to start and it didn't disappoint me at all. I learned how to work within a team even if we have different nationalities and how to be better organized as a team, the fact that we learned and we have been given advices from experienced trainers in the field helped us a lot. The location is a wonderful one, a piece of nature just for you, we where all very amazed. I would highly recommend to everyone this International Summer School on Disaster Management because it is a unique opportunity to experience yourself how it is to have in your hands the outcome of a disaster.


Andrei Radovici, PhD student, UBB

I consider that the week I spent at the summer school on Disaster Management was an excelent occasion to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills specific to the field of disaster management. The opportunity to work with some of the best trainers at European level in this field represents a favourable context to improve personal abilities and professional competencies.

Ioana Pistea, Researcher, FSIM-UBB

I chose to take part in this summer school first out of curiosity, as I wanted to know more about how to cope with disaster and how to work with the international experts in the field of disaster management. Using the knowledge acquired at the summer school I participated in various courses and exercises within the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union, as member of a Technical Assistance and Support Team.

Alexandru Mereuta, PhD student, FSIM-UBB

A unique and stimulating experience in a friendly team. I had the opportunity to meet internationally renowned experts in the field of disaster management. The knowledge I acquired have reccommended me for various courses and excersises within the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

Florin-Alexandru Stetca, master student, FSIM-UBB

My participation at the first International Summer School on Disaster Management in 2016 has changed my perspective on the importance of disaster management. I understood the gravity of the problems we are facing at glogal and regional level. Beside the fact that I had the opportunity to acquire knowledge from disaster management experts with a vast experience in international humanitarian missions, I also had the opportunity to work for the first time with a team of participants for the management of a crisis situation. This has tested our capacities and abilities. Since the first edition of the summer school I have participated in four international exercises within the European Civil Protection Mechanism organized by the European Commission and went to two training courses. I sincerily reccommend this summer school!

Andrei-Catalin Baraian, ISUJ Officer, Cluj

Two weeks after I was employed at ISUJ CJ (County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Cluj) as an officer, I heard about this opportunity to complement my theoretical knowledge with practical skills. I wanted to take part in the summer school on disaster management to understand exactly how we should manage [an emergency situation] and work with international experts when a disaster occurs. It was an extraordinary experience, with very good quality people!