Project title:


General description:

The project aims to bring direct and indirect benefits to all the authorities of public administration, knowing the risks to which the communities are exposed to, having as a result an updated and an increase in the quality of the prevention and response plans.

The main objective is to facilitate the exchange of data and information, as well as the cooperation of authorities with responsibilities in risk management; Provide access to important information on risk exposure, vulnerabilities and existing risks for both authorities and the population, and facilitate the identification of joint action priorities to reduce disaster risk through an integrated approach based on the risk analysis results.

Secondary objectives:

  • Developing a set of tools for unitary risk mapping
  • Identifying representative risk scenarios and prioritizing them according to criteria established by the unitary methodology
  • Assessing the risk scenarios selected for each type of risk
  • Integrating the results of these evaluations into a country report.

Duration of the project:

  • 2016-2018


  • Project co-funded by the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity


  • General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations
  • Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests
  • National Research and Development Institute for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection - ICPA Bucharest
  • National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry "MARIN DRĂCEA"
  • Technical University of Bucharest Construction
  • National Institute for Research - Development in Construction Urbanism and Sustainable Territorial Development "URBAN-INCERC"
  • National Research and Development Institute for Earth Physics
  • Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy "Babeş-Bolyai" University
  • Nuclear and Radioactive Waste Agency
  • National Institute of Public Health
  • National Veterinary and Food Safety Authority
  • The Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy
  • Institute of Economic Forecasting


The main results of the risk assessment process in Romania are represented by the Methodology of national risk assessment and individual sectoral risk assessment based on this methodology. The assessed risks were:

Natural risks:

  • Earthquakes, Floods, Droughts, Forest fires, Landslides

Technological risks

  • Nuclear and radiological, Major industrial accidents involving dangerous substances (SEVESO accidents), Major transportation accidents involving dangerous goods

Biological risks:

  • Epidemics, Epizootic diseases and zoonosis